Blackboard Scheduled Outage: May 7 to May 12


Blackboard Learn will be unavailable from May 7 at 10:00pm to May 12 at 7:00am

What is happening?

The current on-premise Blackboard environment will be moving to the Blackboard "cloud". This process requires the system to be taken offline and made unavailable so that the college can migrate the service to a cloud-based environment.

Why is this happening?

As outlined in the email from the Sr. VPA Office on April 9th, moving to the cloud-based system will provide the following updates:

  • No scheduled downtimes: Updates are applied without having to take the system offline, so users have a highly-available and improved experience.

  • Enhanced quality: Maintenance and fixes are delivered to production faster.

  • Rapid innovation: Enhancements and new features are delivered to production faster than ever before. Monthly updates with Q2/Q4 releases (available one month before release for change management assessment).

  • Peace of mind: Experienced Blackboard staff manage operations 24x7x365 for improved services. Bb SaaS is hosted in the AWS Canadian region.

  • Newly-released data analytics engine: A new and different product than its predecessor Blackboard Analytics module which is only available to SaaS customers.

When is this happening?

  • Blackboard will be unavailable from May 7th, 10:00pm until May 12th, 7:00am.

  • The ITS team will provide updates on this process.

The programs impacted by this outage have been notified and alternative arrangements are in place for them to continue their delivery.

What does this mean for Faculty?

  • Faculty are not required to complete any additional tasks in preparation of the scheduled outage.

  • The system will take a "snapshot" by copying all the content in Blackboard at the start of the schedule outage (May 7 at 10pm) and input into the cloud-based environment when it becomes available to all users (May 12 at 7am).

  • Faculty can continue interacting with students during the outage using Microsoft Teams.

Download your Grade Centre (optional)

Although faculty are not required to complete any tasks prior to the scheduled outage, some may choose to download their Grade Centre as an Excel spreadsheet so they can continue working offline. Please review the following handout and connect with us ( if you have any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We realize faculty and staff may have more questions on this process so we will continue updating this FAQ section with more information as we approach the scheduled outage.

Do I need to backup my course offline prior to the scheduled shutdown?

No - there is no requirement to backup/archive your course but some faculty may choose to download their Grade Centre if they wish to continue working on grades (applicable to courses that are schedule to run during the outage).

Will I have access to my MS Teams space that is associated to me Blackboard course?

YES , but we recommend that faculty resend the meeting links to students if they wish to continue connecting with them, during the scheduled outage.

What happens to my course content?

Everything will be copied over into the new cloud-system - this includes student data/submissions, grades in active courses, and course content.

What happens to my linked resources (e.g., YouTube Video)?

Links to external websites should remain functional but faculty may seem to review connections to textbook (publisher) resources.