Digital Learning: MS Stream


The MS Stream platform is most easily described as a Youtube-like application that enables users to create/host videos within specific channels. This is a great resource if you are planning to create a series of videos for a course or a project and want to share it with the SLC community.

Take some time to review the following resources to get started with this application.

Teaching Spotlight

Bryan Elliot, Professor, Computer Systems Technician - Kingston

“When I can’t be face to face with my students, I find video to be the next best thing. Microsoft Stream makes sharing videos with your audience easy and safe. I can quickly share pre-recorded videos and Microsoft Team meetings with specific classes or students. Stream also provides embed codes which allow me to insert playable videos into my class BlackBoard sites. And because Stream requires a college account for access, I know my content is only being viewed by the SLC community."

Link to MS Teams

The MS Teams application can be used to create live virtual sessions with students or other college employees. During these sessions, a user can hit the "record" button to start recording the meeting. This is a useful tool that can help students review material or team members to revisit specific action items.

When you record a session in MS Teams, it uploads to the meeting owners MS Stream account. For full "how to" details, please consult the following resources.

Teaching Spotlight

School of Contemporary Teaching & Learning

"The SCTL has created a resource channel in MS Stream that faculty/staff can follow. Users can use the channel to search for all SCTL-created videos using the built-in search engine. For example, we currently have instructional videos on Blackboard and Panopto but wil be adding more to this service as we further explore this platform."

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