Alternate Delivery


Explore key concepts, guiding principles, and steps for designing an Alternate Delivery course.

Learn the key terms and how Alternate Delivery is approached at SLC

Explore approaches and strategies that will inform your Alternate Delivery teaching

Ensure your Learning Plan meets the needs of both your students and the program curriculum

Examine the technologies available to you and students to understand which will serve you best


Learn strategies for developing and building elements of effective learning modules.

Learn the structures and common elements of learning modules

Engage with evaluation methods that support student achievement

Apply Universal Design for Learning principles to create opportunities for all students to learn

Expand your teaching practices to include students of all abilities


Adapt instructional skills and approaches for Alternate Delivery teaching.

Use these principles to get the most out of your synchronous time with students

Identify methods for providing feedback that build student skill and knowledge

Apply tools to create an inquiring community

Assist students in learning how to be self-directed and self-sufficient learners

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