Winter 2022:

Semester Wrap-Up

As we approach the end of the term, the SCTL has partnered with the Registrar's Office to coordinate a few resources that will help with the final grade upload process. We strongly encourage faculty to review these resources and information prior to end of the semester.

Key Resources for Blackboard & PeopleSoft

The SCTL has curated a list of key resources will help faculty prepare their Blackboard Grade Center for the PeopleSoft upload.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: We ask that Faculty log into PeopleSoft now and confirm that they have access to all their courses so they may complete the grade upload process at the end of term. This information can be corrected by contacting your academic school office starting with your Associate Dean.

Helpful Tips from the Registrar's Office

Faculty have not been assigned POST access in Student Information System (SIS)

Log in as soon as possible to ensure all your classes appear along with the grade roster. If you do not have a Grade Roster available, please contact your school office and ask they add POST in Schedule of Classes.

Faculty have never logged into SIS and discover they do not have access, or know the password

Contact the IT service desk ( to request security access.

Faculty using Blackboard to PeopleSoft grade transfer receive a message indicating no grades are available to download

Ensure you have an External Grade column assigned in BB with a green check mark and wait 20 minutes for your grades to be available in SIS.

Faculty are expecting a different grade to be available for a specific class other than what is displaying for them

Contact Records/SIS Team ( confirm grading basis.

Faculty Supports for Wrap-Up: Final Grade Submission

SCTL - Blackboard Support

Contact the SCTL for any Blackboard inquiries -