Professional Learning Week (Oct 26 to Oct 30, 2020)

We would like to thank everyone who shared their thoughts over the last two weeks as we engaged in our planning sessions for the upcoming Professional Learning Week. Our team used this important feedback to customize a few sessions so that we may better serve the learning community.

These sessions were prepared in collaboration with the Student Wellness & Accessibility, SLC Library, HROD, and Student Service teams. We would also like to thank all the facilitators who offered their time and expertise to prepare some of the upcoming sessions.

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Reminder: HROD will also send out their own registration/session link for the wellness sessions.

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Virtual Office Hours (October 19 to 23, 2020)

  • Monday 10:30-11:30 Virtual Office Hours

  • Tuesday 2:30-3:30 Virtual Office Hour

  • Wednesday 10:30-11:30 Virtual Office Hours

  • Thursday 2:30-3:30 Virtual Office Hours

  • Friday 10:30-11:30 Virtual Office Hours

1on1 Consultations

We will also continue to work with faculty/staff in 1on1 consultations. Please email to setup a consultation and let us know when you are available to meet. One of our team members will connect with you for a custom training session.

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SCTL Sessions Fall 2020

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Conference ID: 406 352 037#

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Previous Sessions

Previous Workshop Recordings & Resources

Please see below for "recorded" versions of some of our guest sessions.

Session Types

The SCTL will offer wide variety of professional learning sessions so we have categorized these in consistent "types" for your review.

  • Community of Practice (CoP) - a group of individuals meet in order to share best practices with one another. Each CoP will be moderated by a member of the SCTL.

  • Workshops - a facilitated training session with a designated presenter sharing specific knowledge or best practices with participants.

  • Question & Answer (Q&A) - an unstructured drop-in session that enables participants to ask specific questions about the topic area. This session will include a Facilitator with specific knowledge on the topic area.

  • Social - an opportunity to connect with like minded colleagues to engage in open discussion.

Session Descriptions

Communities of Practice

Effective Assessments and Providing Feedback

This Community of Practice is an opportunity for faculty to discuss the assessments they have planned for students and how they are providing students with effective feedback on their progress. Bring your lessons learned and questions about online quizzes, formative assessments for learning, group assessments, and more. Come to contribute or listen to a discussion with colleagues.

Innovation in Panopto

This community of practice will be an opportunity for faculty to discuss how they are using Panopto in their teaching environment. The group will discuss Panopto lessons learned, innovative ways for using the technology, how you are responding to the struggles students are facing, highlights of student success with the technology, and more. Come to contribute, listen to the discussion, or ask questions about Panopto with colleagues.

Student Engagement in Alternate Delivery Environments

How do you engage students in meaningful ways in both synchronous and asynchronous environments? This community of practice will focus on student engagement and ways to have students actively involved in their learning. Share student engagement practices that are working for you in Teams, Blackboard, or other software, come to listen to the conversation or ask questions of colleagues of how to engage all students in the alternate delivery environment.

Supporting Students to Succeed

The Supporting Students to Succeed Community of Practice is a place for faculty to identify challenges and share ideas for supporting students in their experience in an alternative delivery format. The group will discuss the emotional, academic, and social challenges they observing their students experiencing and work through ideas to support students during this transition.


Blackboard Grade Centre & Upload

This workshop will provide an overview of the final grade upload process. The session will include tips on modifying your grade centre in Blackboard to ensure the upload to PeopleSoft is done without errors.

Microsoft Teams Video Conferencing

This workshop will provide an overview of how to use Teams for video conferencing with students and colleagues. Discussion will focus on the various engagement elements in Teams and how to use the platform

Updating your Blackboard Grade Center

Learn about the steps for updating your Blackboard grade center to reflect any changes to assessment weighting made during the transition to an alternate delivery.

Wellness in Uncertain Times

This session is a joint offering between the SCTL and Organizational Development. It is intended for SLC community members to focus on wellness strategies they can employ when working remotely and during these uncertain times.

Ask Away Library Café – Visit your Online SLC Library

Come join us for a virtual library open house to meet the library team and learn more about our many online collections and services. Find out what’s new in the SLC Libraries, build your summer reading list with our new eBooks and online magazines, and ask library staff your questions. This is a session open to all faculty and staff.

Question & Answer (Q&A)

Blackboard / Panopto

These drop-in sessions provide opportunities to ask particular questions about a specific learning technology or brainstorm a strategy.

Microsoft Teams

Using Microsoft Teams? Drop into this session to ask any questions arising when using the platform. ITS and SCTL staff will be at the drop in to answer your technology and pedagogical questions respectively.


Lunch break with SCTL

Join us for a virtual lunch break so you can focus on wellness and enjoy a good laugh with colleagues.

Coffee with Coaches

Grab a coffee, tea, water, or other beverage and pop in for a Microsoft Teams conversation with the faculty coaches regarding how your classes. No set agenda, but a chance for faculty to connect with one another on any emerging topic teaching topic.