Professional Learning: Inclusive Strategies

Inclusive Strategies

Inclusive teaching refers to the creation of a learning environment that provides all students, regardless of their background, with the opportunity to fulfill their own learning potential and to support other students who may wish to learn from them. It encompasses a broad range of best teaching practices that, used properly, change the perspective on teaching students from a more reactive approach (often teacher-centered), to a more proactive approach (more student-centered).

Explore the guide below for more information and best practices.

Teaching Spotlight

Allison A. Taylor, Professor, Career/College Prep - Cornwall

"To me, inclusive teaching starts with letting go of any assumptions about my students so that I can effectively meet them where they are - not where I think they are or should be. This allows me to better support them in that moment. There are different ways to achieve the same end result, and I need to be flexible in both delivery and assessment as students' needs warrant.

Approaching students with curiosity and humility about their individual needs, backgrounds, and stories helps build relationships and trust. And more often than not, I end up learning as much as they do!"

Pride Month Resources for Educators

June is Pride Month when we celebrate the gender and sexual diversity of college and community. Please review the following resources to support and celebrate Pride in your classes.