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Learning Space

Overview of Learning Environments at SLC 

The college undergoing a revitalization process where it is re-envisioning learning spaces with faculty in order to create new innovative ways to support teaching/learning. This will be part of our larger Learning Space Design initiative outlined in the Academic Plan 2025. At this time, we invite you to learn more about the various learning spaces that are made available to faculty/staff/students at SLC.

Types of Learning Environments On-Campus


The college has a series of different classrooms which are retrofitted with specific digital learning technologies. A typical classroom would include a whiteboard, podium computer, and connectors so that faculty/staff may use their own laptop.

These learning spaces can also be enhanced by loaning iPads, VideoRigs, or SmartBoards from ITS. Learn more about these options below.

All podium computers use the Windows 11 operating system so make sure to review this system prior to attending your class.

Hyflex Classrooms

Most classrooms have been retrofitted with specific cameras on the podium to enable hyflex teaching strategies. To learn more about these classrooms please visit the following resources.

Active Learning Space

In 2019, the college launched two Active Learning Spaces (one in Brockville and one in Cornwall) and are using feedback form faculty/students in this space to inform our Learning Space Design approach for future renovations.

Enhancing On-Campus Instruction  with Technology

The following digital learning technologies can be loaned from the ITS service Desk to support teaching and learning initiatives.


Connect with ITS to reserve one or multiple iPads for a classroom activity. These iPads come with the following apps: SLC Safe, Google Chrome, Teams, Powerpoint, Excel, Word, BB Grader, One Drive, Panopto, Explain Everything" (a digital whiteboard application), FireFox, & Eventbrite Organiser.

VideoRigs + iPads

The VideoRigs include a tripod that holds an iPad for easy mobile recording. Faculty may choose to use this device to record classroom activities and post them to their course on Blackboard.  The videorigs also include a boom mic to enhance audio capturing and is transported in an easy backpack.

Smartboard or RevTouch (mobile whiteboards) 

The ITS team has a series of SmartBoards and RevTouch boards on all three campuses that can be loaned out to faculty so they may add a mobile whiteboard to their classrooms. These boards have a stand with wheels for easy manoeuvring.

Virtual Teaching & Learning Environments

The virtual learning environment is supported by a list of digital learning technologies that are supported by ITS and SCTL. All faculty/staff/students have access to the following resources to enhance the learning environment. We encourage you to visit the specific areas on the SCTL/ITS websites to learn more.

Blackboard (Learning Management System)

note: the college does not use Blackboard Collaborate but rather MS Teams for video conferencing (see below)

MS Teams (Video Conferencing)

The college uses MS Teams as their primary video conferencing and online collaboration tool.

Office 365 (Resource Creation & Sharing)

All faculty/staff/students have access to the full suite of O365 applications (eg., word, ppt, excel, Sway, etc...) Apps - "AppsAnywhere (Virtual Application HUB)

All faculty/staff/students have access to the full suite of O365 applications (eg., word, ppt, excel, Sway, etc...)