Getting Started: Course Outlines

What is a Course Outline?

The Course Outline document is an official document that can only be updated through a revision process led by the Program Planning, Development, & Renewal (PPDR) department. Faculty are required to use the official Course Outline which is available on the "S" Drive in to create an associated Learning Plan.

Faculty should review the Course Outline and the Learning Plan document with students before starting their first lesson every semester to ensure the learning expectations are properly communicated to all students. These documents should also be made available in Blackboard by uploading them to the prescribed content area within the Bb course site.

If you have questions about the Course Outline, please connect with a member of the Program Planning, Renewal, & Development (PPDR) via their departmental email 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find my Course Outline?

When should I use the Course Outline template?

The Course Outline template should only be used by faculty who are engaged in a course renewal process led by PPDR.