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Blackboard Ultra


Blackboard ULTRA Training Sessions (March 2024)

The SCTL has crafted a series of weekly webinars so that we can continue exploring the Bb ULTRA interface with the college community. We invite everyone to register for these upcoming events.

All sessions will be recorded so that we may redistribute these in the coming weeks.

Blackboard ULTRA - Resources


Blackboard is the college's Learning Management System (LMS) and in the Fall 2024 semester we will be upgrading from Blackboard Original to Blackboard Ultra. Blackboard functions as the central location where faculty can post instructional materials, assessments, and learning activities. Students also access courses in Blackboard to view this material, interact with classmates, and complete online assessments.

The SCTL is in the process of developing resources for the roll out of Blackboard Ultra Courses scheduled for Fall 2024. In the interim, we invite everyone to review the following resources provided by Anthology on the Blackboard Help Pages.

SLC Course Template (F24)

These resources will help you get started with your Blackboard Ultra course as you start your design. Remember to "chunk" your content into modules to promote cognitive presence (i.e., clear instructions with curated content) and avoid cognitive overload (i.e., giving too much information at once is confusing for students).

Administration and Reports

These resources will help you manage the different Blackboard Ultra interfaces and analyze student activity.


The Blackboard Ultra Gradebook is the central location for recording, calculating, and sharing grades.

Communication Tools

Whether you are teaching a face-to-face, alternative delivery, or full online courses - it's important to use a consistent communication strategy. Use these tools to maintain a strong teaching presence within your course.


Diversify your assessment strategy by using multiple tools to provide formative and summative feedback to students. Review the Teaching Resources to learn how to design effective rubrics before you build them in Blackboard.



Respondus Lockdown Browser for Blackboard Tests

Participation and Engagement