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Microsoft Teams


The college will be promoting the use Microsoft Teams as the primary tool for synchronous virtual conferencing. This  tool is made available for all college employees/students as part of the Office 365 suite.

These resources (the next two in particular) will help you get started with using Teams for synchronous course delivery.

Core Resources

Getting started with MS Teams...

Explore advanced functions in MS Teams and create custom settings...

Managing video recordings in MS Teams...

Additional Resources

Teaching Spotlight

Dr. Rajni Dogra, Professor School of Business - Kingston

"My Macroeconomics class enjoyed participating and learning thorough MS Teams group work. Students collaborated and enjoyed the group activities on the Teams the way they used to collaborate and enjoy in-class. Microsoft Teams works really well for the group activities. You can conduct different types of group activities (including video) by allocating participants into sub-groups. In addition, it is easy to share documents and files within a sub-group."

MS Teams: Teaching Tips

We recommend that Faculty use the KISS (Keep It Simple and Strategic) principle when exploring the Teams application with their students.

MS Teams is great for:

Faculty should avoid:

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