Important Information for All Faculty

The following resources are ideal for all Faculty that will be teaching in the upcoming term.

SLC Course Template (Blackboard)

The SLC Course Template has been updated to help faculty get started with their course. We have listed some curated some key resources to help you stay focused on start-up. We suggest reviewing the quick 4min video as a starting point.

To learn more about Blackboard visit the "Blackboard" page under "Digital Learning".

MS Teams: Setting up your Meeting Links (New Strategy)

The SCTL has created a new strategy for Faculty that will help them create MS Teams meeting links for their courses.

Why the change?

  • Faculty used a variety of approaches to booking Teams meetings for their synchronous classes this past semester. While the flexibility has been convenient for faculty, it has resulted in a great deal of student confusion as students were required to access their online classes in different locations and with different approaches for each course.

  • This new approach, in addition to offering a consistent experience for students, will maximize their methods to access meetings, ensuring that links are available to students in their email, on their calendars, and posted in Blackboard.

New or Returning PT/PL Faculty (Additional Resources)

We encourage all new/returning Faculty to review the following resource page to help them get started with onboarding and course prep.