PD Opportunities: Workshops

1on1 Consultations - Sept 13 to 17

We will be prioritizing 1on1 consultations during the start of the term so please connect with the SCTL@sl.on.ca if you have any questions

Previous Workshops

Join a SCTL Session

We invite everyone to click on the following link to join any of the weekly workshop sessions.

Note: this meeting link will have the name "SCTL Sessions (F21)"

REMINDER: 1on1 Consultations

We will also continue to work with faculty/staff in 1on1 consultations. Please email SCTL@sl.on.ca to setup a consultation and let us know when you are available to meet. One of our team members will connect with you for a custom training session.

Additional PD Opportunities - External Workshops

External PD Opportunity: ETC Webinar Series (Lunch & Learn)

The provincial ETC group has launched their webinar schedule on EdTech sessions which will take place during March/April. These external PD sessions are free but you must register using the link on their website. The link provided in the buttons below will enable you to learn more about ETC by visiting their website, review the webinar schedule, and follow the on twitter.

Registrations are completed via the ETC website all their events.