Getting Started: Orientation

Where do I start?

The teaching profession can be isolating so it's important to remember that "Teaching is a Team Sport!".

This section exemplifies that motto by outlining specific resources for new and returning faculty members that will help them connect with the college community. These resources can also be used by support staff and administrators to learn more about the SCTL and associated initiatives at the college. We invite new/returning Part-Time (or Partial Load) faculty to download the Faculty Handbook and the recently updated PT Faculty Onboarding Checklist.

We would also ask that you bookmark some important websites and follow us on Twitter/MS Stream to receive more SCTL updates.

Connect with the SCTL

There are numerous ways that you can connect with us but we suggest you start by reviewing the following links to get started !


Log into the college portal to access Blackboard and the public SCTL website.

Bookmark this website to access our teaching/learning resources!


Follow us on Twitter for SCTL news, links to trending articles, & more!

Video MS Stream Channel

Follow us on MS Stream to view existing and new training videos.

Have any questions?

Check the contact page and connect with us via