Digital Learning: 

Panopto in Ultra


Panopto is the college's primary video streaming and recording tool. It is used by faculty members to record and share videos with their students. It is connected to Blackboard and has numerous editing and assessment functions.

Getting Started

Users must first "configure" panopto in a course before they can access the tool so make sure to follow these guides to get started with this tool.

Creating & Managing Videos

There are various ways to record a video in Panopto but make sure to review the sharing permissions before you launch it. For example, a faculty may choose to share a video shared privately with one student, the entire class, or external users using a weblink. Design a strategy that suits your learning needs by reviewing these resources. 

Teaching Spotlight

Dr. Jamie Morris-Pocock, Professor, Bachelor of Science in Nursing - Brockville

"I use Panopto to record and deliver online lectures as part of hybrid courses that I teach in the BScN program. I also use Panopto to record short videos of important concepts in my traditional delivery courses. The most consistent thing that I hear from students is that they value the ability to revisit important points or tough concepts. I hear this feedback in a traditional classroom setting too (e.g., asking for review sessions, etc.); however, Panopto makes it very easy and convenient for students to go back and review content that they struggled with the first time around. "

Panopto Assessments and Video Editing

Panopto provides additional functionality by enabling users to edit videos and add interactive quizzes. These functions enables advanced users to enhance previous lessons with check-in prompts for feedback.

Teaching Spotlight 

Victoria Obress, Professor, Health Information Management - Kingston

"In the Health Information Management (HIM) program, Panopto is used to facilitate our Project Management course in a “Flipped Classroom” delivery model. We use video quizzes as “gatekeepers” to verify that students have achieved an understanding before they come to class to apply the concepts. This enables us to create instructional scaffolding within a short class.  Student reception and feedback has been positive; students express that they feel more prepared for discussion and exercises in the classroom. "

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