Digital Learning:

LinkedIn Learning


LinkedIn Learning is an online video library that houses over 6, 600 business, software, technology, and creative skills courses taught by recognized industry experts. This video library is free for all SLC students, faculty, and staff through SLC.Me. LinkedIn Learning videos can be embedded into Blackboard courses shells and video playlists and learning path relevant to course content can be created.

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Why Use LinkedIn Learning?

Learning Paths are step-by-step structured courses supported by quizzes and practice sections curated by LinkedIn Learning. Learning Paths can be accompanied by certificates of completion. Customized Learning Paths can also be created. Please contact your eLearning Specialist if you would like to design a specialized Learning Path for your course.

Teaching Spotlight

Brad Barbeau, Professor, Computer Systems Technician - Kingston

Computer Applications in Excel is a course shared with four different School of Applied Science programs. With a course with students from such varied backgrounds, it can be hard to keep the course moving at the right speed, so for the Fall 2019 Term, I decided to try flipping the classroom. One of the key supports for this was LinkedIn Learning. I used videos for the learning outside of classroom which gave me more time in our lab to cover program specific topics and work individually, one-on-one, with students on their assignments. The videos are excellent quality and, for this course, exactly the right level and length.

Early on, students realized that they needed to watch the videos and come to class prepared and enjoyed the flexibility this offered them to review in more detail or even progress ahead faster. For the Winter Term, we went one step further and ran the course as a hybrid model where students were scheduled a virtual hour to complete the at home learning. This worked well as it more accurately reflects the time students are spending on the course and additionally makes better use of lab space.

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