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The School of Contemporary Teaching & Learning (SCTL) supports the tri-campus college community in all matters relating to teaching and learning. We use a team based approach to support all faculty/staff which includes a shared MS Bookings site and departmental email.

Our regular working hours from 8:00am-4:00pm but send us a note if you want to setup a after hours 1on1. All college employees also receive a weekly announcement from our departmental account ( on Friday outlining important information and potential activities for the following week.

Team Bios

André S. Léger, Associate Dean - School of Contemporary Teaching & Learning

André is the Associate Dean for the School of Contemporary Teaching & Learning *SCTL). His educational background includes a Bachelor’s of Art (Sociology), Master of Arts (Sociology), and Master of Education (Post-Secondary Studies). These degrees are coupled with a series of specialized certificates in educational leadership, online course design, curriculum quality assurance, and board governance. His continued interest in education have also led him to pursue a PhD (Higher Education) from University of Toronto where he is currently researching the decision-making processes of Academic Centres as part of his doctoral dissertation.

Prior to his appointment as Associate Dean, André worked as an Instructional Designer, Faculty Member, Curriculum Developer, Digital Technologist, Manager of Hybrid/Online Course Design, and was the Lead Social Researcher for a company that focused on student engagement. He has also served as Board Chair/Vice-Chair for OntarioLearn, Chair/Co-Chair of the Eastern Region College Committee on Human Resources Development (ERCCHRD), Board Director for eCampusOntario, and is currently the administrative internal Governor for the Board of Governors of St. Lawrence College.

His experience and education have contributed greatly to his leaner-centred approach to academic leadership as he strives to promote inclusive teaching strategies within his work as an educational developer.

Helena Neveu, Knowledge Keeper

Waasaabiidaasamose Student Center – Chi Miigwech! What an honor to have a student centre named after me. It’s hard to put into words how I feel. When I was a youngin’, I couldn’t concentrate because of childhood trauma. I couldn’t remember anything I would read. I would read a whole page and not remember a word. Not like I can now because I have been healing for half of my life. I get really excited about those steps forward. It's like dancing. I love to dance and I have walked really far to get here, gathering and gaining the seven grandfather teachings. I fly!

Aanii Boozhoo, Ndizhinikaaz Waasaabiidaasamose Kwe. Batchewana Ndoonjibaa...Mooshka dodem. Ndo gitchi minawaanigwad ambe maam pii.

My day always begins with putting down tobacco and greeting the day with thanks and gratitude. I tell people where I come from and my clan. As a crane, a fully hydrated wetlands crane in fact, it is my desire and job to carry on the spiritual message to the people. Cranes are leaders, breathless, I see my days being filled with countless activities to grow Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Being. Not just me but the whole Indigenous team here at St. Lawrence College – Tri-Campus.

Waasaabiidaasamose Kwe translates to Walksfar Woman, Going far in a blizzard. This is the name that connects me to my father, who I had much difficulty with. Although Dad had a lot of faults himself, he was a first language speaker and extremely gifted in making. I have learned one great lesson from my current boss, Michael Cooke and that is, Making is Medicine. It really is Michael, how families heal through making. Through making, I am now receiving accolades for this. The Creator has granted me oodles of life experience, knowledge and training to help in my competency of delivering Indigigogy.

I am so incredibly grateful for this opportunity to grow Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Being here at St. Lawrence College, and I do this through the eyes of Mishomis. My grandfather, my ancestors, through me, my circle and my bundle. This is what I want our students to experience and to always feel included and supported and to know who they are and where they want to go; to see their purpose.

Julie Johnston, Administrative & Academic Support Officer

Julie is the Administrative & Academic Support Officer, in the School of Contemporary Teaching and Learning, providing support to school activities. Joining the college in 1989, Julie has worked in a wide range of service and academic areas including Futures, President’s Office, OSDO, Human Resources, Physical Plant, Marketing, Student Services, Brockville Dean’s Office, Online and Continuing Education.

A member of many college committees over the years, Julie has participated in: Payroll Flowcharting, Rewards & Recognition Workgroup, Staff Appreciation, Brockville Christmas Party, Staff Awards, College Learning Connections Conference and Performance Planning & Development.

An active participant in annual college activities Julie has supported Convocation, Open House, Student Orientation Day, Triple Play for high school students, Firefighter Orientation, Faculty Orientation, Connections for Grade 7 & 8 students, Connections for Grade 10 & 11 students and numerous interview panels.

TBD, Educational Developer

Coming soon...

Shannon Hall, Educational Developer & Curriculum Consultant - Indigenous Ways of Knowing & Being

Shannon is of the Wolf Clan and is a member of the Akwesasne Mohawk Nation.

She joins us with rich experience and a professional background in the areas of justice, education, social services and grass roots community programming. Her work as an educator and Indigenous rights advocate prompted her to found Project Good Mind. Project Good Mind, grounded in principles of peace, focuses on community development initiatives that identify strong connections between environmental education, conflict negotiation, and the preservation of Haudenosaunee (People of the Longhouse) culture.

Shannon’s commitment to her community and cultural responsibilities has also been demonstrated through her professional work with Pathfinders Consulting, where she provided wholistic health & wellness services to first nations communities & organizations.

Amongst her many accomplishments, Shannon is the first, and one of two, Indigenous peoples to be appointed Inherent Right Appointed Justices of Akwesasne and Canada. This appointment has paved the way for Indigenous communities seeking to establish Inherent Right Courts.

Shannon holds a M.Ed, from St. Lawrence University, a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Sociology from SUNY Potsdam, and a Diploma in Law and Security Administration from St. Lawrence College.

John Wright, Digital Learning Technology Administrator

John Wright has a tri-campus role as the Digital Learning Technology Administrator. This role provides leadership on the administrative functions of college approved digital learning technologies as part of the larger SCTL. John is also a proud SLC alumni and has spent the last 20 years working with educational technologies in the private sector. This experience included leadership roles implementing new learning management systems, exploring digital tools for content creation, and facilitating training sessions on digital learning technologies. His passion for technology leads his current interests in researching new and innovative learning technologies. He is also a pioneer in the field of Virtual Reality (VR) simulation having designed and developed 3D immersive VR simulation modules for the Construction industry.

Angie Covey, eLearning Developer & Support Technologist

Angie Covey is the eLearning Developer & Support Technologist at St. Lawrence College. She has a great passion for online education, teaching, and training. Angie supports digital learning initiatives relating to the implementation of fully online SLC courses/programs and OntarioLearn courses. She uses a team-based approach in supporting online operations by working closely with many departments throughout the College.

Angie educational background includes a Online Learning Design & Development certificate from Algonquin College. She has also completed various professional courses such as: "Quality Matters Coordinator Training" and "Applying the QM Rubric" from Quality Matters. Her continued interest in digital learning has also led her to complete the Blackboard Exemplary Course Program which included extensive training on best practices for Course Design, Interaction, & Collaboration, Assessment, and Learner Support. She is currently enrolled in the Ontario Extend Empowered Educator program with eCampusOntario and has completed three badges (e.g., Teacher for Learning Badge, Technologist Badge, and Curator badge).

Rochelle Hughes, Digital Learning Specialist

Rochelle is a Digital Learning Specialist within the School of Contemporary Teaching and Learning. While her office will be based on the Kingston Campus; she assists faculty members from all three campuses.

Rochelle’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Physical and Health Education and a Bachelor of Education from Queen’s University. Her past experience as a General Education Blackboard Technician and as a teacher, provided her with the knowledge and skill sets required to be successful in this role. Rochelle assists faculty members by educating, troubleshooting, and promoting the use of college-approved educational technologies. In addition, she has created numerous resources and delivered many workshops since starting in March 2020. Rochelle is excited to grow in this role and is passionate about empowering faculty members to use technology.

Outside of work Rochelle enjoys spending time outdoors, trying new recipes, and spending time with friends and family. She also loves to travel and has been to 12 countries.

Patrick Hymus, Digital Learning Specialist

(currently on secondment as interim Educational Developer)

After living in and teaching at universities in Korea for 18 years, Patrick returned to his hometown of Cornwall in July 2020 with his family. An enthusiastic educator and lifelong learner, Patrick joined St. Lawrence College as a Career and Innovation Services Advisor before transitioning to his current role of Digital Learning Specialist with the SCTL.

Following his interests in Science, Patrick earned his B.Sc. with Honours in Biology from Trent University and went on to earn his Master of Education, which proved to be a transformative experience both personally and professionally.

In his role as a foreign language instructor, he served as both an English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teacher and a subject-specific instructor. Other career accomplishments include working alongside a team of dedicated colleagues to implement program improvements for team communication and the greater adoption of digital learning tools, as well as authoring course learning materials.

TBD, Faculty Secondments (multiple)

We are exploring future learning opportunities that will enable faculty to join the SCTL on secondment to fulfill specific roles that aim to enhance our professional development programming.

More information will become available during the 2021-22 academic year and made available on our website.

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