Digital Learning: 

Office 365

Digitize your workflow with O365 apps

Office 365 includes a large suite of software applications, many of which - such as Word, Excel, and Powerpoint - are familiar to many. In addition, applications such as Sway, OneNote, OneDrive, and Forms are useful for collaboration, data collection, and content creation.


Microsoft Sway makes it easy to create and share interactive content that is accessible. You can convey concepts quickly, easily and clearly. 

Microsoft Stream

The MS Stream platform is most easily described as a Youtube-like application that enables users to create/host videos within specific channels. This is a great resource if you are planning to create a series of videos for a course or a project and want to share it with the SLC community. 

Take some time to review the following resources to get started with this application.

Screenshot: The structure of a student presentation on Lyme Disease using "MS Sway" 

Teaching Spotlight

Angie Dukelow, Professor, Personal Support Worker - Brockville

"The ease of learning SWAY took the fear away from trying something new. SWAY allowed the PSW students to tell their story using a tailored one of a kind presentation. They used the application to present interactive and engaging communicable disease projects to their fellow classmates. This format not only looked great,but it allowed students to embed informative videos, pictures, charts and educational learning materials. One student commented, “that once you add all of your desired material and hit the design button the project takes on a life of its own”. Super fun and will definitely use it again."


Microsoft Forms allows you to create surveys, quizzes, and polls. You can send your Form to anyone within or outside of your organization. As results are submitted, you can use built-in analytics to evaluate responses 

One Note

OneNote allows multi-user collaboration. OneNote allows you to create notes, drawings, screen clippings audio commentaries and more. 

One Drive

Microsoft OneDrive is a file hosting service that allows you to upload and sync files to the cloud and then access them from a web browser or your mobile device. 

Microsoft Outlook

Outlook on the Web is a browser-based email client available with most Microsoft 365 subscriptions. No matter where you are, you can send emails, schedule appointments, and manage your tasks and contacts. You can do all this on a computer with an internet connection and without the need to download any software. Each outlook on the web app (Emails, Calendar, People, File, To-Do) helps you be more productive and organized.  For mobile devices, you can download the free Outlook app.

Additional Training Resources

The LinkedIn Learning platforms offers a series of instructional videos and training on all office applications (word, excel, access, etc...). We recommend all employees to review the LinkedIn page to learn how to access these additional resources.

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