Student Supports

Supporting our students

The following resources are designed to support faculty/staff in their continued efforts of putting students first. These resources include digital learning resources for college approved technologies, links to student success initiatives, wellness resources, and overall student services.

Explore some resources that can help students get started with Blackboard and their learning technology.

Student Success Facilitators

This section focuses on the Student Success Facilitators (SSF) and includes some useful resources for students to help them refine their study skills.

The Student Success Division is your partner in supporting students throughout their careers at St. Lawrence College. 

This section highlights the early at-risk alert process that the college uses to support students. The Beacon application is an important intervention strategy that helps support students.

This section focuses on the wellness resources that can be used to support students during difficult times.

This section highlights the accommodation process that is spearheaded by the Student Wellness & Accessibility team.

This section outlines the remaining student services that are available at the college. These resources will evolve over time so we encourage faculty/staff to review the original weblinks.