Digital Learning: Panopto


Panopto is the college's primary video streaming and recording tool. It is used by faculty members to record and share videos with their students. It is connected to Blackboard and has numerous editing and assessment functions.

Getting Started

Creating Videos

Panopto Videos in Blackboard

Panopto Assessments and Video Editing

Teaching Spotlight

Dr. Jamie Morris-Pocock, Professor Bachelor Science of Nursing - Brockville

"I use Panopto to record and deliver online lectures as part of hybrid courses that I teach in the BScN program. I also use Panopto to record short videos of important concepts in my traditional delivery courses. The most consistent thing that I hear from students is that they value the ability to revisit important points or tough concepts. I hear this feedback in a traditional classroom setting too (e.g., asking for review sessions, etc.); however, Panopto makes it very easy and convenient for students to go back and review content that they struggled with the first time around. A traditional classroom with a professor lecturing at the front is almost incomprehensible for our youngest students (i.e., digital natives). To me, Panopto represents one tool in my tool box to cater to the expectations of and experiences valued by the modern student. When I first started with Panopto I would re-record and re-record segments of videos that weren’t perfect narration (tangents, stutters, uhhhs, and umms, etc.). It took a long time to get comfortable with broadcasting myself, but I feel that my lectures actually got better and more relatable when I stopped caring so much about the perfect narration."