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Student Success Facilitators (SSF) can support students by offering the following services:

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Teaching Spotlight

Kim Hawley, Professor, Early Childhood Education - Kingston / Bonnie Dawson, Professor, Early Childhood Education - Kingston / Erin Kehoe, Professor, Early Childhood Education - Kingston

We asked a group of Faculty about their experience using BEACON and working with Student Success Facilitators at SLC. Professor Kim Hawley provided the following overview on behalf of her team which highlights the importance of teamwork between Faculty and SSFs in supporting students.

"The team of Student Success Facilitators (SSFs) play an essential role in supporting the academic performance of the students.  Their support will not reach the students in time though if there is not an effective way for faculty to notify them of students who are at risk.  The Beacon Early Alert System provides this means.  Beacon is easy to access on the faculty page, and the process of sending the alert to the SSF only takes minutes.   Because of how easy the system is to use the faculty in my program send alerts more often, and earlier in the semester, than they did previously.  This proactive approach to student success has had positive results, and we have witnessed more students meeting with our SSF and accessing the various supports available to them."