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Innovative Teaching

Celebrating Innovative Teaching at SLC

It could be argued that one of the best parts about working in higher education is being inspired by peers. Although SLC is full of teaching and learning stories, the SCTL wants to highlight these success stories that highlight the core values of #Teamwork, #Innovation, #Sustainability, #Belonging, and #StudentsFirst.

Please consider contributing to this list by submitting your innovative teaching strategy. This information could be used to help others explore their teaching practice and connect them to like minded peers. The submission process is quick as it requires faculty to answer a few easy questions:

  • Provide a short description of your project, tool, or strategy

  • What did students say about the project, tool, or strategy?

  • What did you learn from the experience?

  • What advice would you give another faculty if they were interested in using this project, tool, or strategy?

Thank you sharing your experiences with the larger college community!

Serious Play with LEGO

Melinda Billet, Professor, Practical Nursing - Brockville


Shopify Badges Program

Polina Buch, Professor, Marketing - Kingston / Pam Armstrong, Professor, Marketing - Kingston

The Shopify Badges Program is an example of collaboration with an industry partner to co-create micro-credentials as well as a highly engaging experiential learning opportunity for students. Students in the Business Administration Marketing program design, launch and manage a real, live ecommerce site and pop-up store in support of a non-profit, while earning industry-recognized credentials.

Visualizing Anatomy with Innovative Group Learning

Dr. Trisha Morrow, Professor, Pre-Health - Brockville / Christina Chrysler, Professor, Visual & Creative Arts - Brockville / Sarah Carlyon, Professor, Communications - Brockville

This project is an exemplar in interdisciplinary teaching and learning as three faculty members coordinated an exercise where students worked on a joint project. The individual skills from multiple vocations were integrated into a visualization exercise of human anatomy.

Hybrid Learning for Hairstyling

Taunya Murphy, Professor, Hairstyling - Brockville

"My desire to create a hybrid course was completely based on student learning. The Hairstyling program is a fast-tracked two-year diploma program, meaning students have a lot of courses each semester. Hybrid learning allows for some of the instruction to take place off campus, at times students may find more convenient, and provides the foundational knowledge for students to build upon in the face-to-face portion of the class.”

Gamification of Assessment

Denise Nielsen, Professor, Communications - Cornwall

"For this class, students had multiple options to earn points through reflections, quizzes, engagement, and projects. These points replaced grades with students able to choose how much they did and what they did in order to achieve the grade they wanted while demonstrating evidence of meeting learning objectives at three different levels of mastery."

Collaborative Mobile Apps Dev

Andrea Ruskin, Graphic Design - Kingston / Richard Stronach, Professor, Early Childhood Education - Kingston

"Third year interaction design students developed an education app for iPad for primary aged children (Aged 3–5). The interaction design challenge was to design an in-depth learning experience that included some free play. The Graphic Design students tested their app with students from the ECE program to obtain feedback on the activity, use of language, and visuals."

Get Inspired!

The Pockets of Innovation Series is a perfect way to get inspired as it features more than 200 innovative projects focused on:

  • transforming the teaching and learning experience;

  • increasing excellence and student success;

  • enhancing engagement and flexibility;

  • providing training and support for students, faculty and instructors; and

  • benefiting from the multiple opportunities offered by collaboration and new technologies.

Faculty should explore this resource and download the report to learn more from provincial and international innovators in higher education.